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Valuable Tips Before You Venture into a Massage Therapy Career
Find a massage therapist job! Understanding the Massage Therapy Career Choice
What does it takes to Become a Massage Therapist?
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What Does It Take to Become a Successful Massage Therapist

The Massage Intangibles

When first thinking of massage, we think of physicality, knowledge of anatomy, or maybe the sense of touch and ability to feel. Although these are all good ideas to consider, they are tangibles and to a degree obtainable over time. However, it is the intangibles aspect of becoming a massage therapist that are just as important when it comes to massage therapy and the under talking of the massage therapist role.

Why do you want to becoming a massage therapist?

Money. If money comes to mind that is fine as long, as it is not the driving force. As for money, if you take care of your clients, patients and customers, they will take care of you. Good massage therapists build careers on repeat business and referrals. I am not implying they will support a lavish lifestyle, but it will be one that can be financially rewarding.

Accountability and confidentiality. Today, because there is a lack of continuity of massage oversight across the country, much of the responsibility falls in the hands of the individual therapists, massage support groups and organizations. Thus, holding oneself to a high standard of responsibility and accountability is important. As an illustration, anything verbal and nonverbal shared during the session is confidential and should be in no way repeated outside the session or with any other person without consent. In that being said, it may never be known if you discuss any of the information with anyone or not. Though it may seem harmless, there could be underlying problems not foreseen. It is still an ethics violation though they may never be caught or confronted. This is just a glimpse into the course of ethics. Getting a good taste of ethics as it relates to massage can be a great place to start your exploration into whether to take on massage therapy.

Identifying Massage Career Scope

Identifying the scope of the massage practice "is" one of the key elements of success. Identifying scope will allow you not only to plan your practice, but you will gain insights about what you can and cannot offer, as it can vary depending by city, county and state. As a licensed therapist, you can not offer advice in an area, you are not qualified or hold the proper credentials. It is critical to your practice's long-term success, to be careful when discussing massage and health issues, not to overstep your boundaries.

Are You Passionate About Massage?

Passion should be at the heart and the major driving force of a massage therapist. A passion not only for massage, but for being a care taker, of the client and yourself. Massage therapist who become neglectful, don't often realize it until they realize they can no longer provide the quality of massage they once did because they neglected themselves. Massage therapist should be role models when it comes to living and carrying on a high quality of life.

Before You Venture on a Massage Therapy Career...

There is no better advice I can give than for you to seek out a well-qualified and experienced massage therapist to interview. Asking question and hearing firsthand accounts of life as a massage therapist will be invaluable in your career decision process.

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Article written by:

Ryan Eckerle Ryan Eckerle
Certified Massage Therapist
Newburgh, IN

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