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Massage Topic Experts

  • Ryan Eckerle, Certified Massage Therapist Ryan Eckerle, Certified Massage Therapist
    Certified Massage Therapist,
    Ryan specializes in Repetitive Use Injury Technique (RUIT), Muscle Release Technique, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Massage, massage and cancer. He was also appeared on "The Extreme Makeover Home Addition".
  • Beret Kirkeby, Owner & LMT Beret Kirkeby, Owner & LMT
    Owner & LMT, Body Mechanics Orthopedic Massage
    Beret Kirkeby is not only a LMT, massage center owner, but is an advocate of raising the bar on quality care and massage therapist worker rights.
  • Kris Lane, Co-Owner & LMT Kris Lane, Co-Owner & LMT
    Co-Owner & LMT, A+ Massage Pros: Patients Above Profits
    Since 2001, Kris has been serving the people (and horses) of Louisville. She is an LMT, contractor and is certified as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist (ESMT).
  • Shannon C. Mulhearn, Owner & LMT Shannon C. Mulhearn, Owner & LMT
    Owner & LMT, Repeace Therapeutic Massage
    Shannon is a licensed massage therapist in Arizona. She has a background in Physical Education, Personal Training, and Choreography. She received her Master's degree from Arizona State University in Exercise and Wellness. Shannon is the owner/operator of rePEACE Therapeutic Massage in Gilbert, Arizona.
  • Jamie Perkins, Certified Massage Therapist Jamie Perkins, Certified Massage Therapist
    Certified Massage Therapist,

    For the past two years, Jamie Perkins has been a practicing licensed massage therapist in the state of Illinois. Jamie also volunteers his time as a massage therapist for many worthy causes.

  • Donna Wilt, Owner & LMT Donna Wilt, Owner & LMT
    Owner & LMT, Advanced Therapeutics Massage and Body W
    Donna Wilt has been licensed massage therapist since 2005. Donna advocates massage therapy as a lifestyle, not a luxury. She upholds the highest of industry standards in her practice.

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