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Guide to landing a massage job, becoming a massage therapist, help with resumes, starting your own massage therapy business, buying tables and more...
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Massage Therapist Resource Center

FREE Resources for Massage Therapists

Welcome to the Resource Center for Massage Therapists

This resource center is specifically designed to assist massage therapists in building their resumes, finding jobs, finding training, plus providing expert advice from running a spa to buying the best equipment and supplies. If you would like to contribute to our resource center, join our team of massage topic experts.

Resources for finding the perfect Massage Therapist Job

  • How to Succeed at Interviewing for Massage Job
  • How to Write a Cover Letter for a Massage Job
  • How to Write a Massage Therapy Resume
  • After the Interview / Thank you letter
  • Search Massage Jobs

Resources for Starting your own Massage Therapy Business

How to Become a Massage Therapist

Topic Expert Articles

Massage Therapist Toolbox

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Massage Therapist Training
Become a Massage Therapist, Find a Great Massage School FREE: Get information on massage schools, training, licensing requirements, massage school scholarships, aid and grants.

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