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Important guidelines and considerations when purchasing a massage table.
Find a massage therapist job! Massage Table Buying Guide
Information on Massage Tables
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Massage Table Buying Guidelines : The Most Important Decision Made Easy

Buying a massage table is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your career, but knowing how to choose one makes the process a lot less stressful.

First, you need to decide what purpose you’ll need the table for, in office appointments or house-calls and traveling.

Wood Massage Tables vs. Metal Massage Tables

If you are planning to work only in your office you would most likely choose a wood frame, however keep in mind that woods like birch and maple are more durable than pine and will last longer. Although wood is the standard material used for frames, aluminum is more practical for traveling. Metal is much lighter and just as sturdy. You should also consider a traveling case to make transporting the table easier and more compact.

Other Important Considerations

While purchasing the table you should keep in mind a few key aspects.
  • Portable Massage Tables: Light portable massage table vs. stationary massage table
  • Width: The average table is around 30 inches wide, which provides comfort for all body types and extra room
  • Height: Height is also important, this ranges from 24-36 inches
  • Massage Table Legs: Adjustable legs are also convenient for all types of massages and versatility. The legs must also be stable, not just for body weight, but also for extra power behind the massage.
  • Massage Table Fabric: Remember to make sure the fabric is as durable as possible. While getting a massage clients are looking to lie on a thick mattress-like surface, so foam with a high density is the ideal material, and also is easy to clean.
  • Headrest, Face Portal, Armrests: The headrest, face portal, and armrests are also key parts of the table, and getting adjustable ones makes addressing each client's needs easier. An adjustable backrest also adds the option of versatility for each massage.

Maintaining Your Massage Table

Keeping your massage table in good condition not only allows them to last longer but also adds ease and comfort to the massage. The fabric can be kept clean by washing it with a mild soap; this can be done after each use, this removes any oils. Occasionally checking the condition of the structure allows you to make sure it is still stable and sturdy.

To add protection, you can keep portable tables in a case which will not only protect them, but makes it easier to travel with.

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