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Key guidelines and considerations when purchasing a massage business.
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Information on the Top Rated Massage Franchises.
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Massage Franchises [ Resource Center ]

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What is a Massage Therapy Franchises

Increasingly, massage therapists prefer to work in a franchise rather than independently. A massage franchise is what everyone recognizes in a chain of stores or restaurants—common design, products, prices, and general branding. Franchising is the reason that you can visit another city and still make informed choices about where you go to eat, sleep, or get a massage.

Who Owns Massage Franchises?

What you may not have realized is that independent investors usually own these shops. In fact, they make a significant investment in order to have the branding, product offerings, and other aspects of the business.

Starting your own massage business? Opening a franchise branch is a significant investment, and you should expect to pay for the advantages you receive. The costs to start a single unit for a massage therapy franchise usually range between $100,000 and $400,000. Of course, depending on the specific franchise you chose, they will probably offer significant financial help in the form of loans to make this possible.

What are the benefits of a massage franchise

All of this investment buys two basic things for you. First, you have instant recognition and hopefully customer loyalty. If someone has used a certain brand somewhere else and liked it, there is a high chance that they will come to your store as well. Second, it gives you good planning—someone else with lots of experience has thought through the business model and made sure that it appeals to customers.

What are the disadvantages of a massage franchise?

The obvious disadvantage to franchising is if you either chose a bad brand (in which case the name isn’t helping you at all), or if you can’t afford the initial capital investment, which can be quite sizable.

The Top Massage Franchises

Below is a list of the top rated massage therapy franchises.
  1. Massage Envy has been ranked as one of the best massage therapy franchises. They offer an excellent selection of different types of therapy and also provide excellent support for business owners. As this brand continues to grow, it will become more and more recognized by the general public.
  2. MassageLuxe is one of the largest and most developed massage therapy franchises available. The information available is extensive and quite helpful. Unfortunately, opening a franchise with this brand is also quite expensive.
  3. Michelle Lea Massage and Wellness is a cheaper way to get into franchising, though the support is not as extensive or professional. This may be a good middle option if your capitol investment is limited.
  4. Elements Therapeutic Massage established itself in 1996 and has quickly grown to over a 100 franchises. Element takes a therapeutic approach to massage, versus the self indulgent aspect.

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