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Important guidelines and considerations when purchasing a massage chair.
Find a massage therapist job! The Massage Chair Buying Guide
Information for buying a massage chair.
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Massage Chairs [ Resource Center ]

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Massage Chair Resources

Massage Chair Buying Guidelines : An Important Decision Made Easy

A portable massage chair is ideal for events and marketing your business. Finding the "right" massage chair can be very time consuming. Our massage chair guide is designed to efficiently guide you in your massage chair selection.

Portable Massage Chairs

The best portable massage chairs are designed for dual use. Spas, as well travel uses, such as festival, office and home use are ideal. Portable massage chairs are a great solution to the massage therapists who performs out call therapies in various locations.

Purchasing the table you should keep in mind a few key aspects.
  • Portable Massage Chair Weight: Light portable massage chair vs. study stationary massage chair
  • Chair Frame Construction: Massage chair frames can be constructed of wood, steel or aluminum. If you will be transporting your chair frequently aluminum is ideal. If you would like a sturdy and durable chair, consider a massage chair constructed of wood or steel.
  • The Face Cradle: Face cradles have several variables: comfort and ease of use.
  • Client Weight Capacity
  • Additional Chair Features: Sternum pads, body support and portable features such as wheels should all be taken into consideration
  • Price: Like everything else. You get what you pay for. Please consider all the massage chair's features and benfits along with it's cost.

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