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Jump Start your Massage Career Once You Graduate Massage School.
Find a massage therapist job! What's Next: How to Get your Massage Career Started
For New Massage Therapist
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How to Get your Massage Career Started

This article specifically for new massage therapists. Please note this article contains no contradictions or health conditions, so it is safe begin your treatment of reading.

New Massage Therapists

I've graduated massage school and I'm a brand new massage therapist in the massage therapy world what comes next?

  • Do you apply for massage jobs?
  • Do you do volunteer at massage events providing chair massage or full body massage?
  • Do you get a professional resume done with the experience you had while in massage therapy training?
In the next few paragraphs I will explain what to do to be successful as a new massage therapist and save money.

Get Experience: The Value of a Volunteer Massage Therapy

First step is to locate a place where you can volunteer to perform massage therapy. You can volunteer at running events (5k, marathons), hospitals and eldercare facilities. This will help you to get hands on experience, and it will help you to learn how to network and market yourself.

Volunteering your massage services will allow you to connect with potential clients, massage therapists and organizations. Get e-mails and phone numbers of these new contacts.

If you are working at a spa or doctors office as a massage therapist tell the person on the phone were you work and tell them about another service your place of employment offers, this will give the person incentive to come see you.

Get Feedback

Give these people a call and ask them how they liked their massage, ask them on how the massage could be improved, so you could improve as a massage therapist. plus gather positive feedback. This feedback will help define your marketing message.

If you are a mobile massage therapist, call the organization back and say thank them for letting you volunteer. Get their feedback. Ask them for their opinion on how you can improve on as a massage therapist and ask if they would like you to come back to the organization to provide your services again.

Advertising and Growing Your Massage Practice

Once you have acquired some experience and improved your massage skills, you will need to start advertising your own mobile massage business or yourself as a massage therapist. If you are interested in free promotion, create and market a Facebook Page. Make sure you network on Facebook with other businesses pages and organizations. You can get creative with your Facebook page by making flyers on your computer or iPad or tablet and uploading your creations to your Facebook page. Google Places for Business and Twitter are also popular free options.

Another option is to get a massage website. There are two options. One, is to build a free website. This can be challenging, but there are many free websites where you can promote your massage business by adding pictures and text.

For a more advanced marketing technique, you can hire a company the specializing in massage therapy website design to design and market your website.

You can also learn new massage technique via classes and market these new skills with clients and other massage therapists.

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Article written by:

Jamie Perkins Jamie Perkins
Certified Massage Therapist
Chicago, IL

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