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A+ Massage Pros | Serving the Louisville, KY Area.
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Kris Lane, LMT
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Topic Expert: Kris Lane of A+ Massage Pros: Patients Above Profits

A+ Massage Pros: Patients Above Profits Kris Lane

Kris Lane

Co-Owner & LMT
A+ Massage Pros: Patients Above Profits

Louisville KY, 40206

About Topic Expert: Kris Lane

After being given an Honorable Discharge from the United States Air Force, Kris Lane stayed in Omaha, NE to pursue a diploma in massage therapy. In 1995 Kris graduated second in her class with 1000 hours of educational training and performed an internship working for a practice of six OB/GYN doctors. She worked closely with over 200 ladies having high risk pregnancies in their last trimester to assist in stabilizing blood pressure, reduce edema and helping to ease patient discomfort. While receiving her diploma in massage therapy, Kris also acquired certification as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist (ESMT). She had a desire to work on thoroughbred horses as well as individuals with chronic and acute pain which inspired her move to Louisville, KY in 1996.

Just under a year after moving to Kentucky, Kris had a major car accident leaving her unable to work for over three years. During that time, she had four reconstructive surgeries and spent nearly six years using ambulatory devices to assist with her bility. She spent countless hours in physical therapy and then went on to join the Louisville Adaptive Rowing Team (geared toward individuals with all disabilities) to regain the strength she had lost in her atrophied leg. She continued trying to perform massage therapy on friends and family, but thought massage therapy as a career would not happen because of her own physical condition. Despite progress made, she was left with permanent nerve damage from her back down into her left leg. Her rowing coach recommended a doctor he believed would be able to help with the pain and numbness and the potential to give Kris a new and challenging chance to work as a Massage Therapist.

From June 2001 through May 2007, Kris worked as a sub-contractor for Dr. William C. Breuers Multicare Centre. In nine short months, built a patient load of 25 to 30 patients per week and became the Lead Massage Therapist for Dr. Breuers team. Kris worked weekly with dancers from the Louisville Ballet, in and out of season. In addition, she has worked with nearly a dozen Broadway show casts; such as, 42nd Street, Stomp, Rent, The King and I, Dora the Explorer and Chicago as well as worked with internationally recognized performers. Kris has provided her massage therapy services to various local athletes, such as rowers, tennis players, golfers, marathon runners, basketball players, lacrosse players and soccer players. Her training and the extent of damage to her own body has provided Kris with unique insight into helping many individuals who deal with acute or chronic pain from injury or accident, who are striving to maintain balance, flexibility and wellness in their active lifestyles.

Due to medical complications from her accident a decade ago, Kris resigned her position as the Lead Massage Therapist, in 2007. Since 2008 Kris has been striving to build strength and endurance so that one day she could hopefully return to massage therapy. She has slowly resumed her status as a Licensed Massage Therapist with a steady clientele in the Greater Louisville area and has deep passion for helping others in pain. In addition, for the past year Kris has been teaching a new generation of Licensed Massage Therapists at Daymar College.

With renewed strength, health, vitality and a greater sense of appreciation and passion for life and people, Kris is eager to continue where she left off professionally six years ago while paying it forward to her clients and the community.

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