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rePEACE Therapeutic Massage | Serving the Gilbert, AZ Area.
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Shannon C. Mulhearn, MS, LMT
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Topic Expert: Shannon C. Mulhearn of Repeace Therapeutic Massage

Shannon C. Mulhearn

Shannon C. Mulhearn

Owner & LMT
Repeace Therapeutic Massage

Gilbert AZ, 85296

About Topic Expert: Shannon C. Mulhearn

Shannon is a licensed massage therapist in Arizona. She has a background in Physical Education, Personal Training, and Choreography. She received her Master's degree from Arizona State University in Exercise and Wellness. Shannon is the owner/operator of rePEACE Therapeutic Massage in Gilbert, Arizona.

Shannon is concerned about the health and stress of massage therapy professionals, especially how can massage therapists keep their own bodies pain free so they can provide their therapy to others. Massage therapists spend hours a day contracting their muscles and creating tension in their own bodies while providing tension relief to those they serve. As a massage therapist with a background in fitness education, she has been personally involved with benefits of flexibility training.

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